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About metris

The Metris Project (so called in the early days of our research) is designed to improve the ability to assess the crucial metric of a job candidate’s cultural and environmental fit which is shown to be strongly linked to retention, improved performance, and happiness. To objectively assess this, we changed the incentive and question structure from traditional assessments to reward candor and authenticity. From this meaningful change, we have allowed the right students and the right companies to find each other.


Our Why

Why we started...

We believe people are at their best when they are able to be their authentic selves. With work accounting for the majority of our waking life, we wanted to ensure that more people, especially students, could find “their people" – the ones that have similar values and inspire us to live by ours, have complementary strengths that make everyone better off, and are a part of an environment that allows us to get the most from ourselves.

How we do it...

The APA found that over 80% of people misrepresent themselves on personality assessments for career recruitment. With such a valuable technology being used to suboptimal effect, we knew the problem wasn’t the technology – it was the incentives. We’ve changed these misaligned incentives and are now assembling effective teams using our research at the University of Tennessee and inspiration from the school of positive psychology.

What we'll achieve together...

We want to create a win for everyone involved: Universities, Companies, and Students. With your participation, we aim to reduce the cost of recruitment, increase retainment, improve assessment authenticity, increase job placement, and have happier, and more productive, people in the working world. Thank you for joining us.


Our Research

Our research on team composition and its effect on performance inspired Metris the basis of our methodology. Through this research we

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Our Logo

Metrus Logo (TM).png

Our logo was created by a rising artist at the University of Dayton, Meghan Deist of Bandilla Studios.


The work she created for Metris inspired our tagline "Find your Fit" as the filter in the middle perfectly falls into place just as we hope the companies and students we serve will do as well.


As for the meaning behind the filter, we know finding the right person for the job or place to start your career can be quite a challenge. Our goal is to act as the filter and ensure our matches are places students can grow and develop over the long term.